+   Endermologie

We offer various facials which help purify, soothe, and balance the appearance of oily and problematic skin. The combination of deep cleansing, extractions, and application of intensive antioxidants/vitamin therapy help eliminate and prevent breakouts and congestion. This facial assists with exfoliating and smoothing the appearance of the skin, and leaves it feeling clean, calm, and refreshed.

+   Espresso Limon Body Wrap

Treat your body like a temple with this detoxifying and firming treatment, guaranteed to leave your body looking sleek and smooth. This treatment begins with dry body brushing to stimulate lymphatic drainage and detoxification. Peptides are applied to specific areas of concern to stimulate collagen production and firm the skin. Your body will then be covered in a European inspired Espresso Limón Slimming Oil formulated to purify and tone the body. This luxurious treatment will keep your body looking fabulous all year round.