Sarah has been helping clients achieve healthy glowing skin for over 15 years. She works personally with clients to create a foundation for good skin practices and wellness.

She specializes in treatments that work with your skin by stimulating its natural physiology so you glow from the inside out. If your skin cells have the right nutrition you will see younger, healthier skin. Sarah likes to think of it as bringing our best cells forward!

Each session begins with a consultation to discuss your concerns and goals with Sarah tailoring your treatment and home protocol specifically for you.

Treatments and modalities used in sessions can include:

Vitamin C, Lactic and TCA peels for brightening, smoothing texture or controlling breakout prone skin

LED treatment for boosting collagen production and reducing inflammation

Gua Sha and Lymphatic Drainage Techniques to reduce puffiness and assist in the skin’s natural detoxification

Sculpting Facial Massage increases circulation and brings vital nutrients to the skin. Lifts, plumps and reduces fine lines and wrinkles


High Frequency to kill bacteria and balance sebum production

Oxygen to boost cell metabolism and hydration

$60min $150
$90 min $195

Brow Shaping $35

The more time Sarah has to work with you the more modalities can be incorporated into a session.